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The project is a brand new building in Florence, where the University of Florence placed a multi-functional learning centre with classrooms and an auditorium. The building is made up of 6 floors, 4 of which are above  round and two below ground, the latter to be used for parking. The structure is quite complicated as it is med concrete structures where lifts and stairs constitute the reinforcement against the wind. In the internal covered courtyard the old roof is supported via an exposed structure composed of steel frames, steel reticular structures and guy ropes.

 The foundations are composed of a concrete slab supported by pillars dug in to  the ground to respond to a double need: first to support the concentrated loads from the columns above, second to protect the structure from the water iniltration and to counter the hydrostatic force. The entire structure was then protected against fire hazards using steel beams and ceilings composed of a mixed structure of steel and concrete.